Bolger’s passion is to do whatever it takes for our clients.

We review, plan, communicate, create and follow up to ensure your needs are met.

Simply put, we make it right.

Our commitment to success is real,
and so is our commitment to helping our environment.

From the front door, out into the world, we are people who like to help,
to make better, to solve, to do the right thing and to have fun doing it.

We consider print an art, especially in a digital age.

Our ability to unify print and digital services is another art form because we create
customized technology platforms to help manage your multi-channel communication needs.

Our Services


An award-winning printer both regionally and nationally, at the highest levels, Bolger is dedicated to beautiful color in every printed piece we produce for our clients.


Variable print-on-demand direct marketing and custom collateral are powerful features of Bolger’s customized print management system, making it easier than ever to create customized materials on the fly using your own pre-approved, brand standard templates.


Wide format printing from Bolger does more than print giant color images that grab attention – a lot more. From point-of-purchase displays that scream for attention to posters and signage, wide format printing is the way to go.


Maximizing market potential for our clients is what we do, creating customized features and functionality to support marketing efforts. Our development team is able to create customized modules to integrate with most systems.


Direct mail is still a strong component of marketing efforts today and Bolger can provide all the tools to assist in managing and tracking campaigns.

Fulfillment and Shipping


The Bolger Inventory Management System is a fully automated facility with barcode and wireless data collection and automated shipping systems that are completely integrated and also functions within the web-based ordering tool.

Reporting and Tracking

Reporting &

Our web technologies are coupled with detailed reporting packages and a large suite of built-in reports to monitor orders, trends, usage and tracking.

About Us

We are both a print and digital technology company focused on creating innovative product solutions that unify the power of print and digital communication. We create beautifully printed products using offset and digital capabilities.

Beyond Print

Beyond Print is a resource to help inspire new ideas, showcase interesting print techniques, and to share knowledge relevant for our marketing, graphics and print production clients. We trust this publication will become a valuable resource that you look forward to reading and sharing.