2019 Marketing and Print

Here at Bolger, we’re very excited to watch where marketing and print will take us in 2019, and we’ve got a few marketing campaigns of our own that will knock your socks off! With the continued rise of direct mail, we knew it would be important to bring you a quick-view summary of the 2019 USPS promotions. These promotions and incentives are designed to bolster your use of Marketing Mail, First-Class Mail, BRM, CRM, and Share Mail. Check out page 16 for the calendar and descriptions of each promotion.

We’re fairly certain you would have to be living under a rock not to have heard the name Seth Godin. Perhaps you’re a long-time fan from Seth’s Purple Cow days when he turned the marketing world upside down and made us all seek to “be remarkable.” Or it could be that you read one of his other 17 (yes, 17!) international best sellers and, like us, you wondered how one person could bring so much brilliant insight to brands both big and small.