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What You Don’t Know About Printing and the Environment

Protecting the environment for future generations should be a top priority for all of us. But sometimes fact and fiction get blurred. Take printing, for example. It’s sometimes unfairly blamed for killing trees and other environmental damage. Not true. Modern printing can be very eco-friendly and print service providers make sure they run their companies […]

What is EDDM and is it Right For Your Business?

With  the recent events of COVID-19 resulting in unprecedented quarantines and temporary business closures, consumers are seeking stability and new levels of comfort within their communities. They understand the messages that appear in email, social media, or texts are fleeting and can be somewhat unreliable. With inboxes overflowing, mailboxes are providing an extraordinary opportunity for […]

How to Include Print in a Marketing Automation Strategy

Like many terms in the digital marketing lexicon, “marketing automation” is widely used in discussions and presentations but isn’t truly descriptive. Marketing automation usually focuses only on email automation and never embraces integrating print into the marketing automation mix.  Adding direct mail is easy and combining triggered email and postal mail boosts the results exponentially. […]

Should You Be Worried About Direct Mail Delivery?

The United States Postal Service becomes a hot news item about twice a year. The first is every January when the price of the retail postage stamp rises and, like any price increase, is not met with a lot of enthusiasm. The second is the unveiling of a cool stamp, such as John Lennon, Marvin […]

Get Extra Postage Discounts This Season

*** LATE BREAKING NEWS The Postal Regulatory Commission announced a discount for Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). The US Postal Service will discount all EDDM mailings by 10% from August 1 to September 30, 2020. EDDM is a saturation mailing method that allows mailers to designate delivery of identical, non-addressed marketing mail to all the […]

How to Design a Successful Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

While many marketers continue to rely on single-approach marketing tactics—email, search, direct mail—for many others, there has been a monumental shift toward a multi-channel approach, and with good reason. Multi-channel marketing campaign success has been well-documented and with the advancement of tracking, analytics, and reporting tools, a multi-channel approach is easy to plan and manage. […]