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Want to Make an Impression? Send Something!

Strategic sampling makes the right impression Everyone one likes free stuff. It’s just how we humans are wired. Free product samples, kits, or other materials can be an effective marketing strategy that generates goodwill and customer-base growth. With today’s increasingly sophisticated technology, companies can execute this strategy with precision, timeliness, and efficiency. Physical product fulfillment […]

Extra Impressions of Your Message (for free)

Informed Delivery from the US Postal Service sends consumers a preview of the mail they will receive later in the day. Consumers receive a morning email that displays images of soon-to-be-delivered letter-size mail. The great news for direct mail marketers and others communicating with their customers is the USPS distributes your message in an additional […]

Best Practices for Images

Nothing beats the beauty of a crisp and finely detailed printed image. Or the rush of cracking open a book fresh off the press. At the same time, printing can be a complicated process with multiple variables and exacting specifications for sending a file to print. To make the process less complex, let’s have a […]

Don’t Make These Mailing Mistakes

Does it seem that mailing should be simple? It’s old technology, right? To many, printing a mail piece and getting it to the recipients appears to be a low tech, low risk process that requires little expertise. That’s a dangerous assumption. Underestimating the complexity of high volume mail projects can turn profitable campaigns into losing […]

Reducing the Stress at Open Enrollment Time

The traditional benefits open enrollment period is busy and stressful. Employees must consume a great deal of information and make decisions that will affect their families for an entire year. The days leading up to enrollment deadlines are filled with employees seeking guidance and asking questions of the HR or benefits administration staff who struggle […]

Forget What You Know About Millennials and Print

  Popular stereotypes lead observers to believe that millennials think print is dead, but that isn’t true. Research shows this demographic group appreciates a more diverse collection of communication channels than you may have thought. They see value in printed material and sometimes engage with print more deeply than do older adults! The key in […]